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S2 EP 22: Am I still trauma bonded? Top Signs That You’ve Broken That Toxic Connection

In this episode, Kerry and Tara share the initial signs they had broken the trauma bond with their exes. Intense connections get formed with toxic partners and family members that can be very controlling. Breaking them is an essential part of healing. And today’s self-help tip is using your observational power to recall possible consequences…

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S2 EP21: My relationship is toxic? I thought all relationships require a lot of work

In this episode, Kerry and Tara address a common fallacy that all relationships are a lot of hard work. We will explore why many of us struggle to recognize signs of a toxic partnership. And the self-help tip is using our bodily sensations to identify safe connections and situations. References: Lindsay Gibson’s books: Adult Children…

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S2 EP19: Could you be at risk? Why you should be afraid of the Dark Triad Personality

In this episode, Kerry and Tara discuss a particularly dangerous group of people, the Dark Triad Personality Disorders. And today’s self-help tip is how to  assess if someone you know is a one. Is My Partner Toxic or Dangerous? Find out with this short survey If you’re wanting to exit a toxic relationship safety,  here…

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S2 EP6: Do I really need to go no contact with my narcissistic ex?

In this week’s episode, Kerry and Tara discuss following through with limited contact or no contact after a break-up. What is limited vs. no contact? How long should you do it for? And WHY should you do it? Today’s self-help tip is one way to self-soothe during reactive abuse. Follow Kerry and Tara on Tiktok,…

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S2 EP 4: What to do when your narcissistically abusive ex tries to come back