S3 EP60: Why I’d Snoop Again: How this Toxic Behavior Sometimes Provides Closure and Safety

Is it ever okay to go through your partner's phone? I've been guilty of snooping and might consider doing it again. Narcissists and...

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S3 EP59: I Think My Pet is Being Hurt! The Danger Narcissists Pose to Our Animals

An all-too-common problem is narcissists and pets. Toxic people often pose a serious danger to our beloved animals. In this podcast, Lisa Sonni...

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S3 EP58: Did the Church Groom Me for Abuse? When Spiritual Leadership Becomes Toxic

Have you been a victim of spiritual abuse? It's not just interpersonal relationships that can be toxic, but also group systems and leaders....

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S3 EP57: Am I The Narcissist? When Toxic People Accuse You of Being The Problem

Have you ever wondered, “Am I the narcissist?” Have you been accused of being the problem?  In this podcast episode, Rossana Faye joins...

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S3 EP56: Is It Really Abuse If I Can’t Do What I Want? What is Coercive Control?

Is being overly controlling a form of abuse? In this podcast episode, Lisa Sonni joins me to discuss the subtleties of coercive control....

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S3 EP55: When Stonewalling Is Used Against You: How to Disarm Toxic Interactions

Stonewalling or giving someone the silent treatment is one of the nastiest forms of unfair fighting. When we ignore or reject another person's...

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