S3 EP64: “How mad can I make you?” The Toxic Games Covert Narcissists Play

Send us a Text Message. Do you find yourself exasperated or angry at your partner, but you aren’t sure why? Do they put...

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S3 EP63: “You’re trying to control me!” Why Managing Boundaries with Narcissists Fails

Send us a Text Message. Have you noticed managing boundaries with narcissists always fails? That they find some tricky way to evade limit...

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S3 EP62: “You’re not taking my babies from me!” How Jessica Kent Escaped Abuse

(Trigger Warning: This episode contains graphic descriptions of abuse.) This week, Jessica Kent, a wildly popular social media figure, joins me to share...

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S3 EP61: How Could I Have Not Known? How Devastating Betrayals Blind Us

Sometimes, the truth can be right in front of you, but you still can’t see it. Rossana Faye joins me this week to...

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S3 EP60: Why I’d Snoop Again: How this Toxic Behavior Sometimes Provides Closure and Safety

Is it ever okay to go through your partner's phone? I've been guilty of snooping and might consider doing it again. Narcissists and...

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S3 EP59: I Think My Pet is Being Hurt! The Danger Narcissists Pose to Our Animals

An all-too-common problem is narcissists and pets. Toxic people often pose a serious danger to our beloved animals. In this podcast, Lisa Sonni...

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