S3 EP69: I desperately love and fear them: The Terrifying Power of a Trauma Bond

Send us a Text Message. Could you be trauma-bonded to a narcissist? Are you battling a strange mix of love and fear? Lisa...

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S3 EP68: Why Can’t I Leave? The Crazy Confusion from Late-Stage Cognitive Dissonance

Send us a Text Message. Have you asked yourself, “Why can't I leave?” You know you should. You've even started hiding the ugly...

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S3 EP67: Feeling duped and conned? Why We Miss the Signs of a Covert Narcissist: An Interview with Eleni Sagredos

Send us a Text Message. Have you left a relationship feeling duped? Not just betrayed, but conned? You’ve likely met a covert narcissist....

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S3 EP66: Is my partner a narcissist? Highlights from Dr. Kerry’s 3 Favorite Interviews

Send us a Text Message. Relationships with narcissists can be confounding, confusing, and incredibly frustrating. Join Dr. Kerry for this holiday episode when...

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S3 EP65: “We’re just trying to help!” How to Manage Toxic In-Law Drama

Send us a Text Message. Are you battling toxic in-law drama? Is your mother-in-law or father-in-law intruding into your relationship or family? This...

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S3 EP64: “How mad can I make you?” The Toxic Games Covert Narcissists Play

Send us a Text Message. Do you find yourself exasperated or angry at your partner, but you aren’t sure why? Do they put...

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