S EP43: What red flags are you missing in that new relationship? An Interview with Dr. Heidi Brocke

What red flags are you missing? Are you ignoring the early warning signs of a possible toxic relationship? In this podcast episode, Dr....

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S2 EP42: Can’t live without them? Watch out for this early sign of a trauma bond!

Dependency can be an early red flag that you're trapped in a traumatic bond with a narcissist. When you feel like life without...

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S2 EP41: Are you arguing a lot? Here’s why you should not try to win a fight with a narcissist

Are you fighting a lot? Maybe it's better to learn how not to win an argument with a narcissist. In this podcast, Dr....

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S2 EP40: Does the narcissist always ruin your holidays? How to handle celebration nightmares!

Have you wondered why narcissists ruin holidays? Why they can't let you enjoy Thanksgiving, Christmas, or your birthday? In this podcast episode, Dr....

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S2 EP39: Suddenly on your own? How narcissists use isolation to cut you off from others

Are you suddenly alone? Learn how a narcissist isolates you as a way to gain control over you. How they cut you off...

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S2 EP38: Are you trapped by a covert narcissist? The top reasons why you’re not spotting covert narcissists faster!

Do you want to know why you’re not spotting a covert narcissist? Learn what is a covert narcissist and the early signs you’ve...

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