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S2 EP40: Does the narcissist always ruin your holidays? How to handle celebration nightmares!

Have you wondered why narcissists ruin holidays? Why they can't let you enjoy Thanksgiving, Christmas, or your birthday? In this podcast...

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S2 EP39: Suddenly on your own? How narcissists use isolation to cut you off from others

Are you suddenly alone? Learn how a narcissist isolates you as a way to gain control over you. How they cut...

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S2 EP38: Are you trapped by a covert narcissist? The top reasons why you’re not spotting covert narcissists faster!

Do you want to know why you’re not spotting a covert narcissist? Learn what is a covert narcissist and the early...

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S2 EP37: Are all narcissists abusive? Aren’t we unfairly demonizing a group of people?

Are all narcissists abusive? Aren't we unfairly classifying a group of wounded people as toxic or dangerous? Tara and I address...

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S2 EP36: Has the narcissist got you feeling confused? Here’s how they keep you in the dark!

Have you wondered what's real? Maybe you've noticed how narcissist keeps you in the dark–that they say one thing while doing...

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S 2 EP 35: Is it a boundary or an ultimatum? Why narcissists hate limit setting!

Have you wondered why narcissists hate limit setting? Why are your boundaries treated as though optional, yet they treat theirs like...

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Kerry Kerr McAvoy, Ph.D.

Writer. Psychologist. Podcaster

Tara Blair Ball

Writer. Relationship Coach. Podcaster

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