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S2 EP 34: Why isn’t my Narcissistic Partner Changing When They Say They’re Trying?

Have you ever asked yourself, Why isn't my narcissistic partner changing despite going to therapy? Many narcissists claim they've never worked...

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S2 EP 33: Were you emotionally abused or narcissistically abused? Why the differences matter.

Why distinguish narcissistic abuse from emotional abuse? Aren’t both referring to the same thing? In this episode, Kerry and Tara take...

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S2 EP32: Are you trapped? What to do if you’re stuck in a bad relationship

What should you do if you get trapped in a bad relationship? Narcissistic abuse victims often have limited financial means and...

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S2 EP 31: Is it love bombing or real love? Can you tell the difference?

How do you know if it's love bombing vs. real love? What signs should we be watching out for when meeting...

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S2 EP30: Are all narcissists sex addicts? What goes wrong with intimacy in the bedroom

Can narcissism be linked with sex addiction, and what exactly is sex addiction? In this episode, Kerry and Tara delve into...

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S2 EP29: Have you met a narcissist? How sympathy can sometimes be a warning

In this episode, Kerry describes why we often initially miss the signs we've met someone toxic. Learn the difference between instrumental...

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Kerry Kerr McAvoy, Ph.D.

Writer. Psychologist. Podcaster

Tara Blair Ball

Writer. Relationship Coach. Podcaster

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